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‘Won’t stop funding to women study centres’, says UGC

Wont stop funding to women study centres, says UGC

Following a University Grants Commission (UGC) notice that makes funding for women’s studies centres in universities and colleges across India uncertain after September 30, the commission has now announced that there is no proposal to stop funding.

Few days back, the Indian Association for Women’s Studies (IAWS) raised concern over the future of 167 women’s study centres following a UGC notice.

Here’s what UGC secretary said:

“There is no such proposal to cut or stop support to women study centres being funded by the UGC,” the commission’s secretary, P K Thakur, said in a recent PTI report.

As reported by TOI, the support for women’s studies centres was under the plan head from the Sixth Plan onwards. These centres were established and sustained by special grants and support given by the UGC.

According to the UGC public notice of March 29 this year, the continuance of ongoing UGC schemes under the plan head after September 30, 2017 would depend on the outcome of a review by the UGC.

Further, commenting on the same, an IAWS statement read:

“It’s taken decades of efforts by scholars and students, often in the teeth of opposition from local vested interests, to establish the fledgling field of women’s studies in the education system.”

At a national convention held on Wednesday, scholars and students enrolled in these centres appealed to the UGC to continue to grant support.

About UGC:

UGC (University Grants Commission) is a statutory organisation established by the union government in 1956. Its main objective is to provide recognition to the Indian universities and provide funds to such recognised universities and colleges.

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