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Why Shallow Water Problems Need Quick Resolution

Drainage pathways, rivers, lakes, and ponds can each develop shallow water blockage problems that require human intervention. Shallow water dredging is one solution that works for several types of problems.

Avert Major Flooding

The damming affect from tree limbs, brush, and trash that floats down spillways, and drainage systems can negatively impact the ability to remove the overflow of heavy rains in flood-prone areas. Using a Watermaster dredger will ensure that the debris is cleared and that the water flows free through the system designed to stop heavy flooding. It can both property and lives.

Prevent Boat Hull Damage from Sand Bar and Debris Build-Up

Low-flow rivers and bodies of water can develop problems with growing sand bars and piling up of debris that threaten the integrity of boat hulls that use the waterway. You can use amphibious dredging equipment that places you right where the help is needed. Clearing this build-up out is the best way to protect the boats that depend on access to the water to go from one destination to another.

Maintain Consistent Topography

Property development along waterways is another area that can use a boost in clearing a build-up of sediment and debris. Housing and commercial sites are sold based partially on the exiting topography. If sand, sludge, tree limbs, and trash begin to pile up along the water/land barrier, it starts to change the actual topography. Shallow water dredging is a way to retain the natural look and lay of the land.

Avoid Illness Flares from Stagnant Waters

Shallow water dredging is a necessity when water has been blocked off from the main flow or supply and allowed to become stagnant. It can become a prime breeding spot for mosquitos, algae, and bacteria. Mosquito-borne illness and other ailments can all come from a stagnant water source.

The ongoing battle with shallow water problems is solved easier with the use of high-quality dredging equipment. Keeping your waterways free-flowing is the best way to ensure protection of people and property.