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Why People Move

Many people that live in the northern part of the US choose to move to a southern state for a variety of reasons. It may be because they want to live in a warmer climate. They might want to live closer to relatives. However, not everyone chooses to move south. Some people choose to move from the south to the north.

Moves Related to Employment

Sometimes, people move to find employment elsewhere. Career opportunities may be better in some states than others. Relocating for a job that pays substantially more than what they are making is another reason. The cost of living might be less expensive.

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Family Ties

Aging relatives are another example of why people relocate. They realize their mother, father, or another relative is getting older, and they want to be there to help them. It is easier for them to move than a loved one who has likely spent many decades in the same home. After children are grown and gone, some people decide to downsize and find a condo or an apartment, so they do not have to worry about maintenance.

Other Reasons

One of the reasons people have given for moving is falling in love with a particular area after going there on vacation or visiting. Some places provide the small-town feel that people who tire of living in big cities want. This is particularly true if they grew up in a small town. They decide a close-knit community lifestyle is for them.

Regardless of the reasons, it is estimated that millions of people move each year, either within the same city or to another city or state. Some statistics say the average person moves once every five years.