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What to Gift Your Rummy Partner on Special Occasions?

A rummy partner is someone you often play rummy with. The game itself helps to create a special bond with the person. As you play the game more often with the person, you tend to understand the inherent traits in him or her and this makes the bond stronger. On special occasions, you may feel like showing your attachment to your rummy card game partner by selecting the right gift for him or her. Here we have listed out some gifts that are ideal for all such occasions:

Playing Card Cufflinks

If you want to go innovative with your gift choices, this is one gift that your rummy partner is sure to love. Gift him a pair of playing cards’ cufflinks. These look very impressive and are unique in their design, thus drawing all attention.

Playing Card Men’s Tie

Most Indian Rummy lovers like to flaunt their love for playing the game through their stylish attires and suitable accessories. A playing cards men’s tie is one such accessory that will go well with the conventional formal attires and yet flaunt the unusual tastes.

Playing Cards Shuffler

A lover of the ultimate rummy game is sure to play cards often. That is why a card shuffler is an ideal gift for such players. It will save them some time extra efforts required to shuffle the cards properly between rounds of stiff rummy tournament.

Playing Cards Jewellery

Party going women like to merge their fashion sense with their rummy love. So, some piece of unusual jewellery for occasions such as rummy parties are always top favourites among women. If your rummy partner is a woman, you may gift her a playing card ring, playing card bracelet or even a playing card necklace.

Playing Cards Coasters

If you have a rummy partner who enjoys giving his/her home some finer touches, playing cards coasters is an ideal gift for such partners. These coasters are available in designs of Jokers, Knights, Kings and Queens. Pick the right coasters to impress your rummy partner.

Playing Cards Cushions

There is really no end to gifts that impress rummy partners. The playing card cushions are yet another example of beautiful additions to cosy living rooms where rummy is often played. The cushion covers are washable and may even be replaced. They look awesome against a rustic backdrop of a modern living room sofa.

Playing Cards Key Chains

If you want to give something that is sure to prove useful and yet is not too expensive, you may opt for playing card keychains. They look like they have been artistically crafted for all the rummy lovers in the world. These keychains go well with household keys as well as car keys.

Playing Card Clock

You may even gift your rummy partner a clock in the theme of playing cards. These have the base in designs of playing cards. The time markers are in stark contrast and show the time evidently.

These are just a few ideas for the gifts you may select for your rummy tournament partners so that they are impressed by your superior choice. You may also try gifting something handmade by using old card decks. These can be easily designed at home by checking out different websites on DIY stuff.