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vegetation related to Mary

greater than 30 plant life and herbs are linked to legends about Mary’s life.[2] Mary become associated with this passage from the music of Songs: “i am the Rose of Sharon, the lily of the valleys.” (2:1) A legend from the second century says that once Mary’s tomb changed into opened to show Thomas that her body have been assumed into heaven, it became packed with roses and lilies.[10]

Columbine: additionally called “Our lady’s footwear”, is said to have sprung up anyplace Mary’s foot touched the floor on her way to go to her cousin Elizabeth.[2]
Lavender: “Mary’s Drying Plant” become said to have acquired its scent after Mary laid Jesus’ garments on it to dry.[6]
Madonna Lily: The angel Gabriel is stated to have been keeping a lily, representing purity, when he seemed to Mary to announce she would undergo a baby; lilies are regularly included in artistic renditions of the annunciation.[6]
The marigold changed into referred to as “Mary’s Gold” by early Christians who located the plant life round statues of Mary, supplying the blossoms in area of cash. A legend says that during the flight into Egypt the Holy family turned into accosted by a band of thieves. They took Mary’s handbag and once they opened it, marigolds fell out.[10]
The violet is associated with humility and have become called “Our woman’s Modesty”. It become said to have blossomed when Mary responded to the Angel Gabriel, “i am the handmaid of the Lord.”[10]
Irises have been used in Mary Gardens. The blade-fashioned foliage denotes the sorrows which ‘pierced her heart.’