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Updating Your Outdoor Lighting Sources

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Lighting is an important safety feature for your home and business. The inability to see obstacles can lead to trip and fall injuries. Keep you and your guests safe by installing, or upgrading your outdoor lighting sources.

Flood Lights

Flood lights put out a wide swath of bright light to assist in moving around your property, gain access to your home in the dark and deter burglars. They can be mounted on the home, garage, or any other outbuilding. They are able to be angled to provide the light to shine right where it is needed. They can be placed on timers and used with a motion sensor system. This helps minimize the amount of energy needed for full-time operation.

Post Lights

Lights mounted on posts can be used as decorative accents, or as a useful light source out on larger properties. There a variety of designs that include one, or multiple bulb placements. The poles can be made in an ornate Romanesque fashion, standard fence post design, and everything in between.

Wall Lights

Walkways along the side of a home, business or garage need to be well-lit for safety at night. One of the easiest ways to provide needed illumination is through the addition of wall-mounted lights. They can be added to the side of the building and offer directed soft light.

Ceiling Lights

Covered patios and gazebos are the perfect areas to entertain into the evening hours. Light can be a necessary element when the sun goes down. Candles and lamps can be an impractical light source. Placing lights in the ceiling areas of these structures is a solution that provides light by the flip of a switch. You can add ceiling light units that are combined with ceiling fans for those incredibly humid and stuffy nights.

Landscape Lighting

Soft lighting placed along walkways and driveways can keep visitors from tripping as they come and go at night. You can offer a unique look to your garden area with the addition of a few landscape lights. You can have hard wired lighting, or use a variety that is solar powered.

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