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Uneven texture on fabric utilized as intended design

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Hyderabad, India, January 07,2016/Free-Press-Release.com/ — The Dupion Silk Saree has charismatic appeal for its unique pattern of weaving. The natural bumps and uneven texture has been taken advantage of to convert a seemingly irregular pattern into a well-intentioned design.

Dupion also known as Dupioni or Douppioni is one of the purest silks in its natural form. Distinguished from other forms of silk Dupion yarn is characterized by the natural lumps or bumps in the yarn.

This happens when two silkworms in creating their own cocoons, spin them so close to each other that the yarn gets tangled up. The resulting yarn of tangled fibres is taken up in the same form for making the silk thread since it is difficult to separate them. Hence the spun thread is thicker, much coarser and has bumps and irregularities in it.

The inherent qualities of the Dupion Silk threads makes them suitable for dyeing the yarn to any colour, comparatively easy to sew and the end-result is a highly wrinkle-resistant fabric weave. Also the material is totally reversible. The creases form so well that the finished fabric assumes a crisp and neat look. The uneven weave with nubs (lumps of yarn) showing at regular intervals form an unconscious pattern indicative of an underlying design.

Double cocoons are usually reeled on the Charakha, or hand-spinning wheel. But the Dupion Reeling Machine has also been introduced and these days they are also used. Karnataka, is one of the main producers of this type of yarn.

Sometimes confused with the ‘shantung’ fabric, which is much lighter and has a finer weave, Dupion silk with its exclusive irregular pattern with nubs showing lends it uniqueness and is much sought after for fashion, grand occasions and drapery.

Apart from the nubby texture, the Dupion Silk Saree is also woven with two threads which create a shimmering effect when the fabric is viewed from certain angles.

Dupion Silk Sarees are low priced when compared to pure silk sarees. But with adornments of pearls, beads, kundans and sequins are also preferred fabrics for wedding ceremonies.

Dupion silks inclusive of attractive adornments have captured the imagination of the market.

Exclusive Dupion Silks with Bagru block prints, and woven in the Bandhani tie-dye style are most fascinating. And the Fancy Dupion Silk Saree having embroidered patch borders is most charming.

Latest trends of block circle and diamond prints on the Dupion Silk Saree with printed border and designer pallu to match, is definitely a fashion fabric for college parties, corporate conferences and traditional festivals.

Zari buttis on the Dupion Silk sari having a resham border render a beautiful sight and make it very suitable for wedding functions as bridal attire and social get-togethers.