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Transforming Bathrooms One Fixture at a Time

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 When you are given the task of a commercial bathroom remodel, you know you’re in for an overhaul. You want it to be fast, efficient, and well done. You need to get the job done so that you can move on to the next project. You don’t want fuss and fanfare. You plan to get in and get out. Know some of the best-kept secrets as you take the plunge into your building project. Whether you are project manager for a string of properties or you are just working on getting one ready for a big reveal, you need to do it right the first time.

Focus on Your Shower or Tub
Take a look at what you are working with when it comes to your shower or tub. Rather than put up with the hassle of tearing everything out, think about a bathtub liner or a shower liner instead. You can have it custom-made to slide over the original tub or shower. It will be a perfect fit. It will look like new and your bathtub or shower unit will be transformed. Go with white, bisque, or almond. Keep it simple. Once you’ve taken care of your shower or bathtub, focus on the rest of your commercial remodeling project.

Choose the Right Vanity
Your vanity should complement the rest of your bathroom project. If you are looking for an austere look, you won’t choose anything fancy. Plain and simple will work. If elegance is in order, find a model that will add a touch of class to your project. Consider the size of the bathroom and choose a vanity that won’t get overshadowed by the rest of the room. Find the right balance to perfect your design concept.

Add Some Polish with a Wall Surround
You can always go with paint to cover the walls in your project bathroom, but a wall surround will spruce up the room even more. Choose stone or acrylic that matches the rest of your decor. You can add it to the walls, as a backdrop for your tub, and your vanity if you are going for a central theme. By the time you are finished, you will have a first rate success that will speak for itself. With one project completed, your commercial location will be one step closer to completion.