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Tiny homes stand out in Riley County neighborhood



Brandon Irwin’s living space is small, but thanks to some innovative designs it has a surprising amount of open space for a 360-square-foot home.

For one thing, Irwin opted out of having a couch and instead installed two hooks on his ceiling from which he hangs a hammock chair when he wants to watch TV or relax. His TV hides under his desk behind wooden panels when he’s not using it and glides up on a platform, like an elevator, at the push of a button. His platinum ceiling fan blades are tall and curved instead of long, to keep him from hitting his head when he goes up and down the stairs to his loft bedroom above his kitchen and bathroom.

Irwin, an assistant professor of kinesiology at Kansas State University, has been living in his tiny home on wheels since November, 20 weeks after he and a group of friends started building it.