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Tiny homes keep former Tulsa servicemen from being homeless

(Source KTUL)

TULSA, OK (KSWO)- An Oklahoma veteran is trying to help homeless veterans by building homes.

The Tulsa man said after four years in the Marines when he finished his term he had a hard time of getting into school and trying to find a place to live.

He said Workplace Oklahoma helped him with a grant for an apartment and training for a new job. Now, he wants to pay that forward by building tiny homes for homeless veterans.

“Since we had had help that helped us achieve the success that we have achieved today, really the only responsible thing for us to do today is found a non-profit to do that for others,” said Craig Heatherly with Building Homes for Veterans.

The houses are 200 to 250 square feet or 400 to 450 square feet for families. He says he plans to bring in social service organizations to help those who have been homeless for long periods of times. The homes cost about $10, 000 each to build.

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