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Three Tips to Choosing a Commercial Glass Company

Whether you are building, remodeling or replacing glass in your building, there are some things to consider when looking for a glass company. After determining what glass is needed, you can then search online, ask your contractor or obtain referrals from colleagues. Commercial glass is slightly different than residential since the needs of individuals and businesses are not the same. Consider these tips in your search.

Custom Installations

A commercial glass company Washington DC that offers customized installation works with your existing structure or your plans to create glass that fits. They should measure each window space to custom fit the glass. A custom fit keeps cold or warm air from escaping. The right fit also provides a safer environment inside the building. Safety is imperative for businesses that keep money and other valuables within their walls or those in crime-prone areas.

Insurance and License

A bonded and insured glass company is less likely to sue your business in the event of an accident. Their insurance can help cover their own mistakes in the event they are negligent. Don’t let your business be financially responsible for an error in the glass installation by someone else. An insured and licensed can help mitigate that risk.

Variety of Products

Seek out a company that offers a wide variety of products to choose from. Glass even for windows can be frosted, patterned or bullet-proof. The needs of your business should account for the type of glass used. The contractor should be able to troubleshoot any problems that crop up with vendors or the manufacturer.

If you are designing a new building or working on a remodel, it can be a wonderful time to experiment with the glass both inside and out. Glass features in the business can add interesting design to the décor or function as separation of offices. With all the options available, once you find a good company, the hard work is deciding what to buy.