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This Is What People With Heart Problems Have In Common; Know These Factors And Reduce Your Chances Of Heart Disease

This Is What People With Heart Problems Have In Common; Know These Factors And Reduce Your Chances Of Heart Disease

Heart disease and cardiac problems are one of the most common problems in India. In one of his recent videos on Facebook, lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho says that cardiovascular problems are one the leading causes of deaths in India. He talks about some commonalities which can commonly be seen in people with heart disease and cardiac problems. Various kinds of heart disease include cardiac arrests, extreme high blood pressure, heart attacks and stroke. Understanding the commonalities among heart patients can help you prevent the very onset of heart disease.

Commonalities in people with heart disease and cardiac problems

1. Busting the myth that it is all about cholesterol

Luke says that it is not just high cholesterol levels in the body which cause heart disease. High levels of bad cholesterol along with other conditions such as inflammation and high blood pressure lead to heart disease.

2. Sleep is important

Sleep deprivation is linked to inflammation, which can ultimately lead to the onset of heart disease. You can be extremely fit with a perfect healthy diet, but lack of sleep can make you prone to risks of heart attack. Some important functions of the body like recovery, healing, hormonal balance, balance of inflammation all take place while you sleep. No matter how busy you are or many commitments you have to make in a day, make sure that you get proper sleep as it is the main ingredient for good health and a healthy heart.

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3. Sedentary lifestyle

Being sedentary is one of the root causes of heart problems. You might be on a statin which may make your lipid profile look just fine. As far as you need a statin to suppress your symptoms, you are not healthy. Maintaining an active lifestyle is important for your heart health. Blood circulation is poor in case of people who have a sedentary lifestyle. Make sure you walk as much as possible. Give up laziness and avoid sitting in one place for too long.


Getting adequate sleep is important for a healthy heart
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4. Chronic stress

People who are constantly angry and irritable are under a lot of stress. Every time you shout or are angry, your cortisol levels go up, your blood pressure rises and almost everything in your body changes. Chronic stress is one of the major determinants of heart disease. Luke also highlights the fact that it’s a vicious cycle where chronic stress makes it difficult for you to sleep, which in turn increases inflammation and ultimately leads to the onset of heart diseases.

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5. Diabetes and high blood pressure

People with diabetes and high blood pressure need to understand the seriousness of your condition. Both these conditions are biggest risk factors of heart attacks, cardiac arrests, stroke and heart problems. You have to work towards controlling these conditions by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Type 2 diabetes is reversible which is possible with responsibility, discipline and determination.

6. Smoking

Quit smoking instantly as it is making your arteries hard and rigid. It causes damages to the inside of arterial walls.

7. Nutrition

It is important to eat clean and healthy food in order to keep your heart healthy. If you are non-vegetarians and have blockage in your arteries, the simplest way to reduce it is to convert into a vegetarian for a while as it helps in reducing inflammation.