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The Most Common Types Of Plastic Welding In Today’s Manufacturing Marketplace

When most people think of welding, heavy protective gear, metal welding rods, flames, and sparks come to mind. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of welding is done using metal and requires heavy protective gear like welding helmets with thick, dark-tinted panes of glass used to guard welders’ vision. The second-most popular type of welding is that of plastic welding. Plastic welding is used to bring together manufactured plastics. If you’ve ever seen finished plastic goods that have seams running down the middle of them, that’s a good sign that they were fused together with the power of plastic welding. Here are the most popular types of plastic welding.

Stick Or Freehand Plastic Welding

Stick welding is common in both traditional welding and its plastic counterpart. This type of fusion is the most popular in all of plastic welding and relies on the use of a hot air welding tool and a stick of plastic. The welder uses the heated tool to melt the plastic between two or more surfaces. As the plastic rod is melted across the two or more surfaces, they are pushed together to form a tight, cohesive seal.

Friction Welding

This type of plastic welding is quite different than stick welding. Rather than using a plastic rod and heating it to bring together two or more surfaces, friction welding involves rubbing two plastic surfaces together to create friction. Once the two surfaces are hot enough to melt, they are left to dry. The drying process usually doesn’t require any more time than a few seconds. Further, friction welding is ideal for robotic machines to make quick work of.

Fusion Welding

A metal bar is heated to a certain temperature. This bar, hot enough to melt whatever type of plastic is being used, is used to heat one side of the multiple pieces of plastic being brought together. The other side or sides are also heated with a similar bar. After heating, they’re brought together to fuse.

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