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Tasmeem Fair gathers interior designers in Jeddah

JEDDAH: Tasmeem, a non-profit initiative by the Saudi Art Council has opened in Jeddah for the first time.
The initiative is a platform to showcase the works of Saudi interior designers, present their works in a different light, and allow visitors to step into their minds. Since the initial announcement by the Saudi Art Council last August, over 300 participants had applied.

The brainchild of Nawaf Nassar and under the patronage of Princess Jawaher bint Majid, organizers Nawaf Nasser, Kholoud Attar, Lama Mansour and Johara Beydoun have selected the finest and most innovative designers that were able to apply the concept of reflection to their displays.

“The council’s main purpose is to promote art in all its forms, and for the first time, interior designers have been selected to be a part of the movement instigated by the council. The plan was set in motion this year under the guidance of Princess Jawaher, and it was the right time and place for us. They’re an integrated part of the art society and I am proud to have them here under one roof,” said Nasser.

The fair’s displays are varied and the 16 selected, 11 of which are women, have filled a space in unison with their fellow participants. A number of workshops will be given by Dr. Douha Attiah, Ahmad Angawi and more. There will be special talks as well by Dr. Zuhair Fayez, Hsham Malaika, Dr. Rana Kadi and others.

“I was surprised and very pleased with the level of unprecedented professionalism of our Saudi interior designers. The volume of portfolios that we received is proof of their enthusiasm, elevated sense of style, and their level of awareness and intellect. This is a chance for the audience to get to know more about interior design and I’m confident that each season will be better than the previous,” said Princess Jawaher bint Majid.

Located in SAC’s Gold Moor headquarters in the Shatea district, Tasmeem Fair is open to all from November 18-28.