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Students sell tiny homes, build solution to bigger problem

The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness says more than 4 percent of Texans are homeless, but one group of high school students may have built a solution to the problem.

A big crowd gathering for a showing of something small.

It’s a big project for construction careers academy to take a small step forward.

The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness says nearly 24 thousand Texans are homeless, but Colby Guthrie, a senior at CCA said these tiny home built by students could be the start of something bigger.

“The solution has gotta start somewhere so even though we’re a very small community and we’ve only built three houses this year, we’re inspiring people in other places to build things like this.” Guthrie said.

At only 8 feet wide and less than 30 feet long, more tiny homes can get packed into real estate, making it possible to fit more homes in less space.

“For me, it’s really amazing the fact that we are building the solution to the problem.” Guthrie said.

According to Krista Ackles, who has seen the construction class grow from the beginning, the home building broke ground at CCA a few years ago.

“We started about 5 years ago with 5 homes, they were fantastic they were all about 400 square feet.” Ackles said.

And turned into a passion project for current students.

“I spent alot of time on this build I came after school, on the weekends,” Guthrie said.

Who have a tiny bit of advice for anyone who wants to build tiny homes of their own.

“Measure twice cut once.” Guthrie said,

CCA builds multiple homes every year, the tiny homes are auctioned off and the proceeds go back into the program, for scholarships and funds for the next year’s builds.