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Shark Tank’s Seedsheets Gardening Kits Are on Sale for Amazon Prime Day


Living in a city can mean having to sacrifice little things, like having a garden. No one wants to drag soil, seeds, planters and everything else you’ll need for a garden into an apartment or tiny home. Luckily, this Shark Tank product, Seedsheet, is here to give you the garden you’ve been longing for without all of the hassle and it’s on sale for Amazon Prime Day.

Seedsheet is a gardening kit that comes with everything you need: potting soil, watering nozzle, security stake, and 2 special sheets that have six different types of seeds embedded in them. The kit also comes with special software that can send you notifications and updates on how your garden is doing (this is perfect for people like me, who don’t naturally have a green thumb).

You’ll get to make your own kale, arugula, spinach, sweet basil, cilantro, and dill.


The seeds come in dissolvable seed pods that require little to no preparation—you simply place it in the pot, add the dirt, and water the plant as needed.

“The Seedsheet made growing your own herbs very easy,” one reviewer said. “It comes with everything you need and offers reminder texts to water and trim your herbs.”

Seedsheets also creates other kits. You can check more out at their Amazon store, and see some of our favorites below:

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