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Seven year old Ryde local shows off his gardening skills on national TV

Mizens has won many local gardening competitions in Ryde, some against adults. Picture: Troy Snook

Unlike most children his age, seven-year-old James Mizens enjoys eating his vegetables, especially those grown in his own garden, featured this week on Better Homes and Gardens.

On Friday’s episode, James and host Jason Hodges added greenery to the Mizens’ courtyard and planted potted vegetables.

James has been involved in gardening since he was an infant. His mum, Janna, brought him along to her permaculture course when he was just 10 weeks old.

“He just likes to be involved, just being there and being eager to participate is his nature,” she said.

Seven-year-old James Mizens of Ryde tends to his garden at East Ryde. He was featured on Better Homes and Gardens on April 7 for his gardening. Picture: Troy Snook

Last year, on a day off from school, James and his mum headed to Homebush, where the show was filming. Hodges immediately noticed the young green thumb’s potential and asked him to be on the show. And James wasn’t nervous about the spotlight.

“I took the chance and I made it happen,” he said.

The youngster’s garden is well-known around Ryde. He took home third place, defeating adult entrants, in the city of Ryde’s Spring Garden Competition in 2015 for the edible garden category.

His favourite part of gardening, however, is the tasty reward at the end – taking a bite of the fruits of his labour.