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Ring in the New Year with a Clean Carpet

A record-breaking 112.5 million Americans took to the roads during the 2018 holiday season alone. So regardless of whether you’re traveling, you may also be entertaining or receiving unexpected guests. Ice, snow, slush, wet roads, and muddy shoes, not to mention extra food, excitable pets, and lots of indoor time and activity lead to holiday messes. It’s one thing to sweep up stale fruit cake and the extra ham Fluffy drags through the house. But it’s another matter altogether to discover the remnants of spilled Merlot on your previously lovely carpet when taking down the Christmas tree. Professional carpet cleaning can fix that up in a jiffy. But what are some other good reasons to ring in the New Year with a clean carpet?

New Family Additions Create Extra Messes

Almost 70% of American homes, or 85 million families, own at least one pet. They’re wonderful additions to any family, an easy way to make any pet lover happy, and many of those new additions occur during the holidays. Regardless of whether the new pet is a sibling to existing fur babies or a solo experiment, having a new pet can be a messy undertaking even after the buzz and excitement of the holidays settle to a faint purr. Kibble, training messes, muddy paw prints, and extra activity from general household excitement can stir up a slew of messes you may not be prepared for. Good thing your professional Macomb carpet cleaner is.

Get Your Warranty Requirements Out of the Way

Carpet isn’t guaranteed to last forever, but if you have relatively new carpet in your home it most likely came with a warranty. And if you’re not following the requirements listed therein, you may have already voided or at least be at risk for voiding your warranty. That could be an expensive mistake since many manufacturers cover all or a large percentage or replacement costs in the event the carpet fails to live up to the customer’s expectations or the company’s promises. Professional carpet cleaning is a standard requirement on modern carpet warranties. And scheduling a Macomb carpet cleaner appointment at the first of the year is an easy way to check off at least one requirement right off the bat.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Most Americans spend over 90% of their lives indoors via home, school, and work. Due to the concentrated levels within the home or business, indoor air can be up to five more times polluted than outdoor air. Carbon monoxide, cigarette smoke, radon, pet dander, pesticides, lead, ozone, VOCs, and mold are some of the most common concerns and causes. Carpet acts as a giant air filter, but daily activity such as walking and sitting on the fibers can cause puffs of contaminants to release in the air, get trapped in clothing or shoe fibers, and travel throughout your home. Even your beloved fur baby can carry dust, mold, feces, and bug casings from room to room. Constantly breathing in those contaminants can result in respiratory or cardiovascular conditions for young or older members of the family and extra allergies for everyone in the household. Vacuuming helps but even high-powered HEPA systems can’t get the hidden debris deep in the carpet fibers. Professional carpet cleaning can though. Give us a call to schedule an appointment with a competent and professional Macomb County carpet cleaner when you’re ready to ring in the New Year with clean carpet.