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Rent-to-own tiny housing development aims to lift low-income folks out of poverty (Video)

Kimberley Mok

Kimberley Mok

Writer / Montreal, Canada

Kimberley covers green architecture, design, arts and culture for TreeHugger. Her work has also appeared on The Huffington Post, AlterNet, Planet Green, Parentables and Yahoo! Green.

Kimberley has a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University and is also a certified permaculture designer. Her big “a-ha” sustainability moment came some years ago when she lived and worked as an architect in Auroville, a South Indian intentional community striving for environmental, social and economic sustainability. It was an eye-opening experience into how a diverse, “human-scaled” experimental town could be conceived, executed and engaged with differently.

Kimberley has also worked in conventional and sustainable design firms in New York City, Toronto and India, on projects ranging from residential high-rises, storm-resistant homes to compressed earth block structures.