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Of Course Sam Smith’s Gardening Clothes Are Super Glamorous

Image result for Of Course Sam Smith’s Gardening Clothes Are Super GlamorousGardening isn’t necessarily the most fashionable pursuit. Digging up dirt and weeds, sowing seeds, and trimming leaves usually necessitates a wardrobe that you don’t mind getting some grass stains on, which usually translates to old T-shirts, overalls, and accessories like rubber gloves and floppy sun hats (or even a visor!).

Leave it to Sam Smith, though, to take the humdrum gardening uniform to fantastic new heights. Smith posted an Instagram earlier today that shows him posing alongside a red rose bush in a metallic silver fringe cocktail dress and a pale pink button down, both of which hang sultrily askew from one of his shoulders. He captioned the summertime snapshot: “Just trimming my roses.” He might be bringing old school disco glamour to the garden, but he finished it all off on a practical note in pair of white sneakers and socks. Smith’s found the perfect versatile summer outfit, one that’s as much at home in a lush garden as it is on the dance floor.