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North side man buiding tiny homes with a big purpose

North side man buiding tiny homes with a big purpose

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – It’s a constantly evolving job market. And entrepreneurs see opportunities. But the changes can be challenging for traditional workers to keep up.

A north side man feels like he’s getting ahead after a late-life career-adjustment and an unexpected tragedy.

He’s building tiny homes… with a big purpose.

When you drive down Dean Road, it’s hard to miss the tiny house under construction in the front yard.

“Yeah, I got a set plan, but that is why they call it custom, I guess,” said Hans Fekkes.

He’s building a custom tiny home to supplement and eventually replace his handyman business.

“It sold before I was even completed, so that gives you an idea of what the movement is like,” he said.

The 285 square foot home sold for $70,000.

“Once all the interior gets started it’s going to look like a high-end custom home in here,” Fekkes said.

The finish will have a rustic look, with a reclaimed sliding antique barn door and beams. A pair of lofts sleep four and there’s room for more downstairs.

“Down here we will also have a custom made couch that will also convert to a bed so you will be able to sleep two more down here and it will also have storage underneath,” Fekkes said. “Everything in a tiny home has multiple purposes if possible, sometimes three purposes.”

And this project is serving multiple roles for Hans, too. His son fatally overdosed in the main house at age 21. While grieving, Hans decided to make his own life changes, in part by keeping things simple.

“It’s a much easier and simple life that a lot of people are striving for right now.”

It’s what Fekkes believes makes the tiny houses so appealing. Simplify. Use all your skills on one project. Eliminate driving all over town.

“I walk 5 steps out my door and I’m at work, so it doesn’t get much better than that,” he said.

And Fekkes thinks a custom tiny home product is unique and perfectly timed.

“This is not just a fad or anything or a movement, you know. It’s actually set in stone and people are really grabbing onto it.”

Hans is so convinced that tiny houses are the future, that he’s built a barn so he can move construction inside year ‘round.

“This is the one I think I’m going to stick to for the remainder of my time.”

We asked Fekkes if it will be hard for him when they pull away with the current tiny home project.

“Yes, I’m going to be really sad that she is going and I thought about that the other day I thought I’m going to miss her,” he said.

So it’s a girl?

“I haven’t named her or anything but she’s my tiny and I will be sad that she will be leaving,”

But she has helped him heal… and grow.

“I can’t build them fast enough it seems like so there will be another one right behind her.”