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Millennials, 10 Reasons You Need To Start A Lifestyle Business

Millennials are known for being unengaged at work. Which has ultimately been linked to millennials overall dissatisfaction with their jobs. Most are seeking the elusive work-life balance, but it seems starting a lifestyle business may be the answer to millennials dissatisfaction in the workplace. Furthermore, unlike a startup, which tries to grow rapidly and generate significant profits, a lifestyle business doesn’t focus on large financial gains, instead it’s goal is to support the owner. Lifestyle business owners typically value time over money, and are seeking an opportunity to achieve the work-life balance they desire on their own terms.

Domenico Loia

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10 Reasons To Start A Lifestyle Business:

1. Flexibility

Most millennials are seeking more flexibility and freedom in their careers. A lifestyle business allows the owner to make their own choices. Whether that’s to work from anywhere, or have a second stable remote job. They can create a schedule that supports their unique definition of balance. Unlike traditional startups, lifestyle business owners don’t need to answer to a board or worry about aggressively growing revenue and a team. They can set as much or little time for a personal life outside of their work.

2. Minimal funding needed

You can start a lifestyle business today using the camera on your phone and a free social media platform. There’s no need to seek out venture capital funding, worry about payroll, or office space even. As the business begins to generate revenue, the owner can choose to reinvest into new tools or resources or pay himself.

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