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Microsoft’s New Surface Book With Laptops With Improved Battery


Microsoft’s Panos Panay unveils the new and improved Surface Book the Surface book i7 that sports quiet the same features of the previous generation Surface book and gets a revamp from the inside. The most notable aspect is the new battery life, which delivers almost 16 hours of battery life on the new Surface Book i7.

By acknowledging the needs of the customers, the laptops got backed with interesting features like high frame rates that aid to gamers and a much better battery life performance. Although there were no major detailed highlights on the specs department, but Panay sure did mention that the new i7 would pump twice as much graphics and 30 percent more battery power delivery than what it used to be in the previous hybrid laptop. The new battery would give of almost 16 hours on a single charge.

Talking of the design aspects of the machine, the Surface Book i7 looks very much exactly like the previous generation Surface Book, but talking of all the hardware, the system gets a second fan as well as a new thermal system, that definite will give the performance department, an overloaded bump. Still hosting a 2 in 1 design where you could detach the PixelSense touch display from the full key board, came along the new compatible Surface Pen that helps you take a leap at possibilities.

All the features bumped in the machine are cautiously made to meet the need of all kinds of different users who like to be more creative or go full on proficient. Apart from all the new hardware upgrades, there also was the Windows 10 Creator update that will be launching soon, which literally aid to the powerful tool, helping you would breach all the possibilities that you never imagined of doing over a laptop. The new Surface Book i7 can be pre ordered followed next month with a price tag of $2, 399 (Rs 1, 60, 338 approx).