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Mercedes electric cars to be built in Bremen, Germany

Mercedes electric cars to be built in Bremen, Germany

Mercedes’ foray into electric vehicles was marked by the unveiling of the Concept EQ at the Paris Motor Show earlier this month. Looking at the details provided with the electric coupe SUV, it was apparent that the concept was not just a show car. Daimler group’s announcement of their plans to start building EVs at their Bremen facility clearly indicates that the German car maker is launching its electric offensive.

Mercedes’ facility in Bremen already produces the new generation C-Class and the Mercedes GLC including the fuel-cell version of the GLC. The facility has been chosen to build the first electric vehicle from the EQ range, 10 of which are going to be built by 2025 under the CASE initiative. Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric drive underline the CASE initiative, the programme that will overlook the future of Daimler AG’s mobility.

The first car will be a compact SUV, inspired by the Concept EQ car. The car is expected to have a range of 500kms while offering the same comfort and convenience of your everyday car. The lithium-ion batteries will be developed and produced by Accumotive, a Daimler subsidiary. Mercedes is planning to invest over a billion Euros in global battery technology, production and stationary storage units.