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Infographic: Manufacturers are a work in progress on web design

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More manufacturers are launching or expanding a B2B e-commerce site. But it’s still a work in progress. Business buyers want custom ordering and integration with ERP and CRM systems and those are e-commerce features manufacturers are slow to add.

Manufacturers add personalization tools but only slowly
(percentage of manufacturers)
Manufacturers need to work on “just in time” e-commerce
B2B buyers usually know exactly what they want, and need to be able to find it quickly, easily, and with the least friction possible. Yet only 21% of manufacturers have an e-commerce site with an automatic reorder feature
Many B2B e-commerce sellers have large catalogs that feature thousands, in some cases millions, of products. A successful B2B site lets customers quickly and easily find what they are looking for. 33% of manufacturers will make faster search a top design priority for 2018, according to a recent survey of manufacturers by B2BecNews.
No needle in a hay stack. Buyers want fast search
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Mobile siteBulk pricingRequest for quoteAutomatic reorder
Custom pagesConfiguratorRecommendRatingsApps
The main thrust of a B2B e-commerce site needs to be focused around making the buyer’s job easier and more personal. But only 27% of manufacturers offer a product configurator as an e-commerce feature
Integrate with ERPIntegrate with CRMWork flow approvals

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