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Increase Your Productivity and Workplace Output

If your office is in open workspace with very little privacy, even the smallest noise or interruption might totally through off your groove. New studies are showing the effects of interruptions on employee productivity, and you would be surprised to see how much money is actually wasted because of employee inefficiencies. There are several things topping the list of business interruptions that involve more than just customer phone calls.

The Wrong Furniture

A lesser realized interruption to the employee workday is terrible office furniture. Ergonomics is the study of people’s workplace efficiency, and having the right supportive workspace is a high priority. From desks that are too high or too low to chairs that creak or are missing noise reducing casters, the basic tasks of an individual are threatened by the wrong furniture.

Ineffective Uses of Tech

The length of telephone cords or lack of cordless headsets can impact those working in customer service departments who are continually up retrieving files or paperwork. Upgrading to digital software storage solutions might make your staff more efficient when it comes to filing or storing paperwork. Copy machines or printers that continually jam also stop the efficiency of services, creating more than just a physical hassle. Mental stress can ruin employee morale.

Social Media Addictions

More and more research is showing the negative impact social media usage is having on workflow and productivity. It is estimated that almost 13% of total productivity is wasted on employee choices and their social media usage. Casual browsing and checking personal accounts are taking over employee priorities, resulting in a culture that values pastimes over productive employment.

Not only is productivity affected, but studies are also showing that employees are failing to maintain confidentiality and privacy components of their jobs, as well as creating claims of defamation, solicitation and misinformation related their employer or clients. Currently, Facebook is considered the number one social media distraction for employees on the clock.

Constant Accessibility

Although it might seem counter-productive to mention accessibility as a workplace distraction, the ability to reach an employee through emails, smartphones and virtual meetings actually lower productivity. Employees who continually break from a task to answer the phone, respond to an email or jump from meeting to meeting have lower morale and lower overall task completion. In some ways, being over productive results in less production.

Workplace distractions can significantly affect your employee’s morale and task engagement. When this happens, it affects your company’s bottom line. Make sure your employees are working smarter and not harder!