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Identifying Burning Smells In the Home

Whether the smell is sudden or gradual, the scent of anything burning is alarming. This is especially true if there is nothing cooking at the time that the smell occurs or if it happens in the middle of the night. Identifying and repairing the source of the burning smell could be a matter of family safety if it has a serious cause, such as faulty wiring.

What Does the Burning Scent Smell Like?

All burning smells are rather unpleasant, but they each have a unique scent profile. For example, most people can tell the difference between a burning rubber smell and a burning food smell. The same also goes for a burning electronic smell and the smell of a burning campfire. Each of these smell very different, and they can point the homeowner in the right direction. If the scent smells of burning food, there is a good chance that a cooking appliance is the source.

Checking the Home

Once the smell can be somewhat identified, it is important to move quickly through the home to find the strongest source of the smell. While the smell will be stronger at the source normally, it may dissipate throughout the house even after the source of the burning or fire has ended. For example, the smell of a burning cigarette can linger for hours after it is put out. Check each room for smoke, electronic devices and appliances that may have overheated, or a forgotten personal pizza that a family member never retrieved. The HVAC unit is also an important spot to check.

Calling In the Professionals

If the smell leans towards wires, rubber, or electronics, and the source cannot be located, an electrician Orange Park FL is the next step. The electrician can test wiring throughout the house, and attempt to recreate the problem. If he or she finds faulty wiring, it will need to be repaired quickly as it is a fire risk.

Making Necessary Repairs or Changes

Once the source of burning is identified, solve the problem quickly. If food is burning, remove it from the appliance and turn it off. If an electronic device is malfunctioning, turn it off and unplug it, then consider repairing or replacing it. For potential electrical problems within the home’s wiring, schedule maintenance before the wires cause a house fire. The family can rest easy knowing that the problem is under control.

Smelling something that is burning may cause a range of anxious and scared emotions initially, but it is important to keep calm and find the source of the smell. The speed with which a burning problem is identified can have a drastic impact on the outcome of the situation.