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How to Survive a Cross Country Move

Moving can be a difficult task, and for many people, it’s an incredibly stressful event. Whether you’re moving for work, to be close to family, or simply downsizing, a big move to another state often feels like a major undertaking.

The good news is that a little preparation really does go a long way when it comes to moving. Use this guide to learn more about surviving a big cross country move in one piece.

Start Planning Early

A cross country move has a lot of parts and things to sort out if it’s going to be anything other than a stressful nightmare. To avoid chaos, start planning your move as early as you can within reason. Ideally, six months to 90 days is the best time to start thinking about and making arrangement for your move.

Acting early can also help you save money if you’re going to hire a moving company or get people to help you do things like clean or make repairs in your existing home.

Pack Steadily

Many people making a big move decide that they’re going to do all of their packing in a whirlwind the week before it’s time to hit the open road. Sure, this might sound like it would reduce your stress level by helping you put off the task, but the truth is that packing all at once can leave you feeling tired, exhausted and like you just don’t care anymore.

Start packing your belongings a month ahead of time, putting items you won’t need in the next few weeks in boxes first. Packing a few boxes each day or spending one day a week for a month leading up to your big move is often much more enjoyable and a lot less stressful.

Hire Help

Making a big move on your own can make relocation feel like a never ending process. When it’s time to change homes, consider looking at reputable packing and crating companies New Jersey residents trust and have given good reviews to.

With a little help, you can make a tough move a whole lot easier on you and your family.