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How to Deal with Gardening Burnout


It may be difficult to find the love of gardening now that we are approaching the end of summer, a change of season, end of harvests, or perhaps the beginning of a new school year. Just because you’re struggling to love the act of gardening right now, doesn’t mean it’ll last forever. Take a pause, busy yourself with something else for the time being, and return with a renewed sense of purpose just in time for fall and winter gardening. Some of the signs of gardening burnout include:

  • struggling to find motivation during the gardening season.
  • putting off garden-related tasks to the detriment of your garden.
  • dealing with garden pest, drought or nutrient, nutrient deficiencies,
  • struggling financially and finding it tough to upkeep your garden on a tight budget.
  • Some of your crops have failed.
  • Or, feeling fatigued and uninterested in visiting your garden.

It may be time to just switch up the daily routine. And, even asking family or friends to help you with simple garden tasks, including starting the cleanup for fall planting.If browning crops are getting you down, don’t feel bad if you don’t want to clean up your beds. The season can’t last forever in some regions and even where the growing season is longer, turnover needs to happen. Also, if you’re experiencing gardening burnout know that it’s OK to give yourself a break. And, your garden too. Before you know it once the winter months have passed you’ll be ready to hit the reset button and seed and sow those veggies and plants for next Spring.