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How to Bring Innovative Gate-Opening Technology to Your Rural Property

Most people rarely think of rural farms and ranching operations when the subject of technology arises. The development of a bump-open gate device is finally helping ease one time-consuming chore.

How much time is wasted opening and closing gates?

Taking the time to stop your vehicle to open the gate, travel through, and stop once again to close this same gate adds up to hours each week. It is important to keep your cattle and horses safe, but it seems technology has passed by farmers and ranchers with no real results.

What makes a push-open gate easy to install?

You can finally enjoy the latest developments in rural gate openers that offer a sensible way to open the gate from each side and feel confident it will close behind your vehicle without human assistance. This device can be installed using your current gate and gate posts. It is installed easily by one person in about a half-day.

How to Avoid a Droopy Gate

It is nearly impossible to avoid gate drop over time. The gate opener kit comes with a gate wheel that helps prevent this problem. It rolls easily over most terrain.

Easy-In and Easy-Out

Any vehicle with a bumper can operate a push-open gate system. All you do is simply ease into the device and slowly push the gate open. The gate will begin to automatically close once you clear the opening. The natural tension of the device powers the unit shut once again. Your cattle or horses will stay safe and secure as to carry on with your duties.

Saving time and energy in opening and closing rural gates is an innovation that farmers and ranchers have been waiting for, especially during cold weather months. An easy-to-install push-open gate device can make life a little easier.