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Getting Tiles Installed Right

Installing tiles in the bathroom can be a challenge if you aren’t sure how to fit the pieces together. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can follow to get just the right appearance that you desire in the room and to ensure that the tiles and ceramics that are used don’t shift after they are placed on the counters, walls, or floors. Before installing new pieces, you need to remove the older tiles, the grout, and the other adhesives that are in place so that you can start with a clean slate.

Create a plan of your design before you adhere the tiles to the surface. Measure the area you want to cover before getting the materials that you need. You can use a marker to tag the areas on the surface where the pattern will be to make it easier to install the tiles when you’re ready to begin. When you’re taking measurements, you should also take into consideration the shelves and cabinets as they will have an impact on the way that the tiles are placed on the surfaces in the room.

Pay attention to the sizes of the tiles that you want to use. Larger tiles might be less expensive because you won’t need as many, and they will also be easier to use on large surfaces. However, larger tiles might not offer the same details that smaller tiles would, especially if you are using them on a counter or as accent pieces on the wall or floor. Start at the ceiling when you begin laying your tile pieces. It’s often easier to get a better idea as to how the overall design will look, and you will also be able to decrease the number of materials that you waste since you usually won’t need as much to cover the lower areas of the walls as you would the upper areas.