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Gardening is the developing of flora inclusive of flora, shrubs and bushes as a hobby or exercise. some human beings also grow vegetables or fruit in their gardens. human beings do gardening outside within the soil in their outdoor, or in pots or bins on their balcony or on their patio. some human beings do gardening on a roof.

human beings do indoor gardening interior their house or interior a building. from time to time indoor gardening is accomplished in greenhouses, which are unique buildings where vegetation are grown. A greenhouse has a obvious glass or plastic roof and walls that let sunlight in. Water gardening is developing flora in ornamental swimming pools and ponds. humans doing water gardening plant water lilies and different aquatic plant life.

Gardening can be executed outdoor of the home, in city parks, botanical gardens, zoos, enjoyment parks, theme parks, and around tourist sights. these sorts of gardens are cared for with the aid of humans called gardeners or groundskeepers.