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Gardening, landscaping timelines delayed due to cold streak

MIDDLETON, Wis. – Many people are tapping their toes with spring fever, waiting for this cold spell to end.

While many of us just don’t like being cold, gardeners, construction workers and landscapers need to get their jobs done. The longer it’s cold and wet, the more they have to push their timeline for projects.

“It’s a late start to spring which pushes everything behind and then there’s that ripple effect which makes all landscaping projects and construction go a little bit behind,” said Chris Sina, a landscape architect at The Bruce Company.

For gardeners, like Deb Vandermeulen, it leaves uncertainty for the spring.

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“I plant garlic in the fall and you’re supposed to insulate it for the cold weather,” she said. “Come spring, you’re supposed to uncover it so it will hopefully come up, but it’s been so cold that I just don’t know if it got frozen in the ground. It might just rot.”

An even bigger issue revolves around the fact that it doesn’t just have to stop snowing; temperatures need to dry up all the wet ground and soil as well.

“What a lot of people don’t realize is once the snow is gone, the ground still has to dry up and be workable,” said landscaper Reid Maier with The Bruce Company. “That also goes for our nursery as far as getting the plants out of our nursery. Not only do our sites have to be ready, but our nursery has to be available to pull the plants out.”

Delays in projects for those who work outdoors may last several more weeks as we wait for temperatures to heat up.

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