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Gain Expertise In Interior Designing With These Courses

Certificate in Interior Decorating

Certificate program in interior decorating will familiarize candidates with surface decoration such as fabric, lighting, paint, and furnishing. Candidates can learn about colour selection and fabric for furnishings; arrange furniture; choose accessories; and select complementary lighting, window treatments, and flooring. Interior decorating calls for the creation of floor plans, with basic knowledge of drafting and drawing to scale.

Associate of Applied Science in Interior Design

Associate degree program in interior design introduces aspirants to kitchen and bath design, residential design, and commercial design. Hands-on training is stressed along with aspects of design theory. This program exposes candidates to construction and safety principles applicable to design. This program helps participation in competitions and industry organizations, field trips, and on-the-job internships.

Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design

Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design acquaints students with art history, theory of color, design, construction, digital and traditional media, fabrics, and furnishings. Graduates are prepared for creative and technical skills to solve space utilization problems in an efficient manner through architecture and art.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design

Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design requires some work experience requirements; Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design focuses on building experience along with theory. The instructional approach sets the two apart. BA program uses mostly lectures and discussion with some studio time involved, while a BFA program emphasizes on studio sessions. Interior design BFA program admission requirements are same in most cases as those for BA programs.

Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design

Master of Fine Arts emphasizes on theoretical, methodological, and technical aspects of interior design. Focusing on creative achievement, the course encourages professional designers to research a specific area to contribute to the general body of knowledge in interior design. Many MFA program graduates find positions at universities, which allow them the freedom to teach, conduct research, and publish.

Master of Fine Arts program can be completed in a minimum five semesters. The program leads up with either a thesis, or thesis-exhibition which involves a model and an extensive research of the work.