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French Drain Failure and Potential Foundation Damage

Installing a French drain system on your property seems like the perfect solution to water collecting around your home’s foundation. It does provide relief for properties that are subject to large amounts of water pooling, but the effectiveness of the solution can change in an instant if there is a failure with the French drain.

What are signs the French drain is failing?

One easy way to tell if your French drain is failing is the amount of standing water seen after rain. Water will tend to pool in the area of the drain and around the foundation of the home. You should monitor the basement and crawlspace areas to see if there is any water present. It can all indicate that there is a serious problem with your French drain that needs repair.

Wrong Positioning of Your French Drain Pipe

One cause of French drain failure is an easy mistake made during installation. Incorrect placement of the pipe can result in immediate failure of this drainage system. If the holes in the pipe point upwards it will have a difficult time removing water.

Internal French Drain Pipe Collapse

Since the drain pipe is covered in gravel, over time the pipe within the Frech drain trench can collapse. It completely loses the ability to move water away from the location. It is a problem that happens quickly and is noticeable right away. You need to have it repaired quickly to keep water away from your foundation.

Silt Build-Up and Clogging

Developing a clog in your French drain pipe is one of the more insidious and damaging to your foundation. Silt will begin to build Up over time and steadily form a clog. The water will slowly begin to increase around the foundation and degrade the foundation material.

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