Despite being shuffled off KHOU-TV, Lily Jang has found a way back to Houston television audiences, this time on a competitor’s channel.

Over the weekend, Jang debuted her new feature and gig on KPRC-TV’s weekend newscast: Lily’s List. The anchor-turned-real estate agent is highlighting open houses around the Houston area.

“I am so blessed to be able to merge my former TV life with my current career in real estate. It’s the best of both worlds,” she said in a statement.

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Media: WochIt Media

Rewinding a bit, Jang came to Houston in 2012 as a weekday morning news anchor for Channel 11. Four years later, a new news director arrived and shuffled everyone around, moving Jang to a reporter position. She left soon after.

Recently, she announced she had become a licensed real estate agent for Turner Mangum.