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First fully electric rally car unveiled

First fully electric rally car unveiled

Over the years Manfred Stohl research and development firm (STARD) has been feverishly engineering its EV rally concept in Austria.

This project has involved testing and developing what’s basically a transformed Peugeot 207 body shell with a four wheel drive system, a single speed gearbox, and batteries that have been designed completely in-house by STARD. It uses individual motors at the front and rear axles and attains an equivalent of 544bhp and 760Nm of torque; output that’s comparable to what a rally supercar currently makes on an average.

With 1250kg to propel, this powerplant can get this car to reach 90 per cent of its maximum torque in just 40 milliseconds from standstill. As of now, it can run at maximum power for 15 minutes and can hit a top speed of 195kmph. “Of course I was sceptical at the beginning when my engineers told me to forget all I knew about a race car’s power delivery. You can’t put it into words – the immediate and continuous torque, without even the smallest ditch from nothing to 195kmph makes you feel like you’re on a giant rubber slingshot,” said Stohl.

This EV complies to FIA rules which makes STARD ready for any category that uses EV technology. Now, though there’s no plans for an electric category in either rallying or rallycross, STARD has funded the research to be ahead of the game in case a need arises.

For now, the Andros trophy ice racing series that happens between December and February in the French Alps, is the only one that has an electric class.