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Finding Equipment to Take Care of a Golf Course

It is no secret that a golf course needs to be kept in immaculate condition at all times. Neglecting the trimming of the greens on a golf course for a short period of time can dramatically impact the direction and speed of a ball that is putted. Therefore, great care must be taken to keep these greens perfect in order to maintain the integrity of the game. You will need the right equipment in order to do this. Here are some of the most crucial things that you will need to consider when you are shopping for equipment that will be used to maintain your golf course.

1. How much area do you need to cover?

How large are the greens you will be taking care of with the equipment you are going to buy? This is an important question because some people prefer to use a trimmer that is pushed instead of ridden on. However, the speed of riding on a trimmer is something that you need to think about if your greens are large. There are a wide variety of machines that are available to trim the greens on your course. The Jacobsen Greens King 522 is an example of one of the more popular models.

2. How much money are you planning on spending for your equipment?

Riding mowers are larger and more expensive. Therefore, the cost of the mowers you are looking at will also factor into your decision. The brand of equipment that you buy will also play a role regarding how much it will cost. Some brands are more expensive than others. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by comparing the prices of the top models. See how they are different and what features they offer. This will allow you to get the most for your money.

3. What specific type of equipment are you interested in buying for your golf course?

You are going to need to do much more than trim your greens. You will need to make sure that your rough is trimmed. This job will require a different trimmer than you will need to trim the greens. You will also need a fairway mower, large blowers to remove leaves and special machines to properly rake all your bunkers. Decide which pieces of equipment you need to buy first.