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Designing dreams

Designing dreams

An eye for detail, great communication skills, and a flair for hues – the recipe to become a successful interior designer.

What makes a building or a structure artistically pleasing and gives it that touch of completion is interior designing. It is both art and science — the colour scheme and designing and the space arrangements, functionality, and measurements. If decor, design, and creation of consistent colour schemes are things you love, interior designing can be the right career choice for you.

Interior designers are hired largely by companies, individuals, and real estate agents for decoration of spaces such as offices, bedrooms, living rooms, and so on. Though the career opportunities are diverse and vast, in order to be shine in the field, certain skills are absolutely necessary.

Colour balancing

Colours affect moods and spatial perception; intelligent use of hues is the hallmark of a good interior designer. Having skills pertaining to balancing out colours is important. It is not just about getting subtle colours to amalgamate with vibrant ones. It is also about making vibrant colours aesthetically pleasing.

Technical know-how

This has become an important part of interior designing, due to the advent of the new-age software. Designing and visualisation depend on computers as it comes with added precision. Any distinguished designer should thus have at his or her disposal, a variety of software.

Familiarity with building codes

Designers should be familiar with electrical and building codes . Designing plans are only effective when the designer is well aware of the codes of construction. If you can work in close coordination with electricians and plumbers, the job gets done quickly while increasing the efficiency of your design. .

Communication skills

Any designer has to work with a group of people including vendors, clients, and others involved in the designing process. . Communication is also vital to ensure that the work being performed is in line with what the client is anticipating.

Knowledge about fabrics

It would be wrong to assume that interior designing is all about design and colours alone. Fabrics form an important part of the design story, with the designer also involved in deciding drapes for the upholsteries and windows. The choice of fabrics depends on the type of room, nature of climate, amount of sunlight, and so on. So, as a designer, you must be aware of these aspects.

The writer is senior director at Institute of Management Studies (IMS) Noida.