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Dangers to Kids or Pets

When enjoying the sunshine and late-night campfires during those long summers months, you need a quality insect repellent to keep you, your family, and your property protected. But not all insect control products are made equally. Here are some reasons why making organic pest control choices provides lasting benefits for you and the entire world.

They Only Harm Nuisance Insects

Our world relies on living things working well together. We know that some insects help us more than hurt us. But some chemically-enhanced control products kill all the bugs in the yard rather than just the pests. Certain 100% organic products target insects like ticks, mosquitoes, fleas and gnats–insects that do more harm than good. The local ecosystem is much better off when protected by organic pest control.

No Dangers to Kids or Pets

Summertime is made for outdoor fun. Your children will be running through the sunshine and rolling around in the grass. With organic products like Tick Killz, there’s no worrying about unsafe chemicals lingering on skin or clothing. They are completely safe to use around humans, animals, and wildlife in your yard. Using safe mosquito control can also ensure less itchy bites with less irritated, sensitive skin. And your dog will go tick free all season long without any of the harsh effects from other products.

It Won’t Leave a Footprint

Products filled with unnatural chemicals stick around way longer than you need them. They leave unsightly spots and stains on patios, pavement, rocks, mulch, and outdoor decor. But organic products are made with materials already found in nature, so they blend seamlessly back into the earth once the job is done. You get the protection you need without even knowing it is there!

Keeping you home protected from nuisance insects is a huge priority when the weather starts getting warmer. Choosing an organic control product will make both you and Mother Earth much happier in the long run.