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colour lawn

The beautiful white bengal tiger, Abhishek Chikile, CC BY-SA 4.0.

The term coloration garden has in popular use two contradictory interpretations. in the first sense, a coloration garden is a lawn specifically planted if you want to show a wide type of colours, frequently in a particular season (for example a fall coloration garden). inside the second sense, a coloration garden may additionally more appropriately be classified a single-shade lawn. such a lawn is planted in order that it overwhelms the observer with a single color. at the same time as this will appear a rather bland technique in the beginning, such gardens were made famous by the paintings of well-known garden designers which includes Gertrude Jekyll and Vita Sackville-West. Sackville-West, for instance, created what can also have been one of the most famous unmarried-coloration gardens, the Sissinghurst fortress’s all-white lawn.