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Coloma citadel, six miles (10 km) south of Brussels has extra than 60,000 rose plant life of a few 3,000 distinct varieties. those encompass a complete series of Belgian-raised roses and a place dedicated to ancient roses. the most important rose garden features varieties grouped via u . s . a . and by way of breeder.[10]
The garden of Roses at Hex castle at Kasteel Hex, containing an extremely good assortment of about 250 sorts in a restored formal Renaissance lawn initially specified in 1770.[11] It turned into the first rose garden in Belgium to be granted the WFRS’s Award of lawn Excellence in 1998.[4]
The worldwide rose lawn of Kortrijk in Kortrijk, West Flanders, on the grounds of castle t Hooghe become redesigned in 2003/2004 after 45 years of lifestyles. The garden has 3 sections: a garden presenting commercially available contemporary rose cultivars from around the arena, a group of historical and wild roses and an worldwide trials garden.[12] In 2012, it changed into granted the WFRS’s Award of lawn Excellence.[4]
The Rose lawn at Vrijbroek Park in Mechelen consists of 3 rose gardens in a panorama park designed inside the nineteenth century. The oldest is a formal rose lawn, observed through a rose garden showcasing the history of the rose opened in 1994, and a lawn imparting the wild roses of Belgium.[13] In 2003, it was granted the Award of lawn Excellence via the world Federation of Rose Societies