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Bedroom space-saving ideas for newlywed couples


Bedroom space-saving ideas for newlywed couples
A wedding in the family means adjusting a new member into the house. The first step to this adjustment is creating the space.

Constructing a new section of the house or turning a bachelor pad into a master bedroom for a growing family of a newlywed couple can be an unenviable task. Experts from H5 designs provide helpful tips.

Space-saving solutions

The most common problem faced is: ‘There is not enough space!’ Multiple requirements such as bed, lounge, study, storage, dressing and bathroom have to be accommodated in the same space. With proper planning, maximising space utilization, dedicated function allotment, modular fittings to your advantage, and thinking smartly about interiors one can create another bedroom worth cohabiting.

– Use a queen size bed instead of a king size. Opt for wider side tables for better storage and circulation space.

– Accommodate a chest of drawers in the room. It can go a long way on saving storage space for shoes and bed linens.

– Take advantage of wall height and accommodate shelving systems. They can take load of books, decorative artworks and trinkets.

– Combine the wardrobe and bathroom. Excessive walls take on space and create more hassle than utility in small spaces.

– Use sliding shutters for wardrobes as they reduce the circulation space required and provide more spacious wardrobes that can be wider than usual.

– Glass shower enclosures are more practical, space and water saving than bath tubs. They can be as small as 30 square inches in size.

– Large mirrors in the bathroom can give the illusion of space and be highly utilitarian. Often, new couples find it hard to agree on a colour as women naturally tend to opt for warm and earthy colours and men prefer cool colours on a palette of grey-black.