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Attractive Garden Ideas on a Budget

Gardening is a healthy, enjoyable hobby that significantly increases the curb appeal of a home. When gardening on a budget, the fun is significantly increased; the budget requires the gardener to become creative, producing some unique beds, arrangements, and edging. Gardening is always capable of being affordable, especially if the gardener is open to unconventional methods including recycling.

Elegant Stone Walls and Edging

Stone walls and edging are very attractive, and are commonly found in many upscale housing communities. Attractive, polished stones can be quite heavy and hard to source, which results in an expensive price tag. It’s not the only option, however; cultured stone in Orlando, FL is an excellent and affordable substitution, closely mimicking some of the most highly sought after stones. This lighter alternative is also easier on the back, making transporting and building far more convenient.

Avoiding Expensive Mulch

Mulch is an incredible resource for gardeners. This “garden gold” helps to suppress weeds and make the garden more attractive. Mulch is affordable on a small scale, but it quickly becomes expensive with an elaborate garden. Instead of paying for mulch by the bag, contact local tree services for free wood chips. These chips might be larger and green; however, they will still offer the same excellent weed suppression in the garden.

Cloning Existing Plants

If the garden is looking rather thin, try propagating existing plants rather than buying new ones. Many plants can be propagated through stem cuttings; all they need is a bit of rooting hormone. This is a great way to avoid buying multiples of the same plant, allowing gardeners to invest more money into more expensive plants that they may have their eyes on.

Gardening is able to fit into nearly any budget, which makes it an excellent hobby for people of all ages and incomes. By setting aside a monthly budget for gardening, a new gardener can slowly build their garden collections. Every gardener must start somewhere, and each garden is a unique work of art.