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All About Trenchless Repair

When a homeowner starts to have trouble with their sewer line, there are few things that can cause more domestic stress. In past decades, major sewer trouble meant having to dig up the backyard or perhaps even performing excavations through the basement floor. There are now better ways to get the sewer repaired, however. This new way is called “trenchless repair.” Here are some of the benefits you can glean from using trenchless sewer repair.

1. With traditional sewer line repair, there is a great risk that the yard will also have to be repaired as well as there will need to be excavating going on. This cost adds significantly to the repair bill. In some cases, the excavation may be so severe that the yard and landscaping never quite look the same as they did before the repairs took place. However, when the repairs are trenchless in nature, they are done with minimal invasive action, thus saving the yard and all of the hard work that went into making it look good.

2. TRaditional metal pipes can be replaced with polyethylene pipes. These pipes do not consist of joints, so they are far less likely to experience leaking problems. They also last much longer than do traditional metal pipes. Polyethylene pipes are designed with maximum water flow in mind, so the risk of back-ups is greatly reduced. Their composite structure makes them resistant to tree roots, which are a bane to the more traditional metal piping systems.

As can be seen, there are some great benefits to letting an experienced plumbing company utilize a trenchless repair technique. Not only does it cost overall versus the standard method of repair but it will fave your lawn. In the long run, can you really afford not to go with the trenchless method?