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again lawn

A again lawn is a residential lawn placed on the rear of a belongings, on the other side of the house from the the front lawn. Such gardens have a unique area in English suburban and gardening tradition.[1]

A again garden arises whilst the main building divides the encircling gardens into . This occurs in particular inside the high density housing of British cities and cities. A semi-indifferent residence standard of the British suburbs of the twentieth century can have front gardens which face the road and provide get entry to. The back gardens in such instances could be more secluded and get entry to will generally be via the dwelling or by means of a route across the facet.

If the housing is terraced, then no aspect path is feasible and get admission to may be supplied by an alley which runs in the back of the rear of the terrace. whilst buildings opening immediately onto a road won’t have a the front lawn, most may have some area on the returned, however small; the exception being returned-to-lower back houses discovered in northern industrial cities in England together with Leeds, but now commonly demolished.

A front lawn is a proper and semi-public area and so situation to the constraints of convention and regulation. however, the back garden is greater non-public and informal,[2] and so can be placed to more purposes.