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8 reasons why you must visit the Open Design Cape Town festival

The 2017 edition of the Open Design Cape Town Festival will primarily take place in Cape Town City Hall, among other venues.

Open Design Cape Town 2017 attempts to pierce the pearls of innovation, education and community through the unifying thread of design that is many a times not given due credit.

As a sustainable, inclusive and prosperous society, do we ever pause to look back on every invention that mankind’s been accountable for? It doesn’t happen too often. Well it should, for there have been mammoth creations in every genre, and every manner over the many years.

Make your pick of one or more and head for the fest right away:

Closely-knit houses in the city of Cape Town. Photo courtesy: Henning Supertramp

Made in Everywhere Pop-up Store

The consequence of apartheid spatial planning, the political uncertainty and rising unemployment will not provide room for disadvantaged communities to ideate, create and design—one would think. The pop up store celebrates the people who have rised above these dismal conditions—even took inspiration from it—to conquer the spectrum of design.

STEAM Symposium

With news of Trump’s wall and Russia’s unspoken threats filling our newsfeed, it’s become hard to deny that the global economic climate has become somewhat of a question mark. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (referred to as STEM) have been respected as design influencers over the years. STEAM, however, introduces Art into this algorithm and in collaboration with Finland—the nation reputed to be the frontrunner in education—holds workshops that empower children to steady the future economy through art.

A line of colourful homes beside a public road at the city of Cape Town. Photo courtesy: Ser_is_snarkish

Afrikanist in Motion

Cape Town-based community photographer, Yasser Booley attempts to draw attention to the day-to-day lives of public transport commuters in this photo exhibition scheduled to take place at the Open Design Cape Town Festival. Through the means of the photographer’s lenses, the exhibition will offer insights to help provide better infrastructure and transport planning for the average African commuter.

Women in Tech Cape Town

Organizing its first ever dinner and quiz night, the WITCPT (Women in Tech Cape Town) is all set to entertain all genders in this get-together that will witness delicious food, intuitive tech-themed questions and a whole lot of intellectual frolic. The community actively supports women in technology or those who want to learn about the field.

OD BookLounge by Biblophilia

Collector’s items as well as a unique selection of diverse and incredible books will be showcased at the 2017 edition of Open Design Cape Town. Set up by Biblophilia, a reputed name in Cape Town for its handpicked assortment of the written word, this is a spotlight at the festival.