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5 Common Commercial Ice Maker Problems

The design of commercial ice makers account for constant use and durability but there are times problems can develop that require a little TLC or a service call. Below are five of the more common problems seen in commercial ice making units.

Tiny or Malformed Ice Cubes

When the ice cubes are smaller than expected or take on unusual shapes, you may have the water pressure set too low or the beginnings of a clog in the line. Check the line to see if any clogs are visible or call a service technician out for a system inspection. Letting this problem can cause the evaporator to freeze up and quit working.

Big Cubes and Water Leak In Machine

Having cubes that are well oversized from average is a sign that you might have a broken inlet water valve. It is allowing too much water to come inside. The giant ice cubes can clog the machine and harm the evaporator. It is essential to get this fixed quickly.

No Water

Check for the simple causes first. Make sure there has not been a water valve turned off. See if there is a broken plumbing pipe allowing water to escape before reaching the machine. Check the line for a total clog. You should never let the ice machine to run while having no water to freeze since it can cause serious damage.

Water Present and No Ice Made

Most of the commercial ice making machines work on timer freeze system. If there is adequate water getting into the system and yet it produces no ice, the water or environment is too hot for the machine to work correctly. You may need to invest in a water cooling system or move the machine to another, cooler location.

Compressor Failure

If your commercial ice making machine is working, has water, but still refuses to produce ice, there may be a condenser problem. Check and see if you have warranty coverage for your ice maker. Compressor failure requires replacement of the part by a service technician.

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