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3 Reasons to Install a Fence

Installing a fence around your residential or commercial property serves a variety of purposes. Fencing technology has also made so many advances that it can now be functional and aesthetically pleasing, too. For those who are interested in installing a fence for the first time or are seeking to replace an existing one, professionals at fencing company jacksonville fl, for example, are knowledgeable and equipped to guide you through your options.

Here are three reasons why you might consider installing a fence around your property.

Mark Property Lines

When there is no fence or other markers, it is not always easy to tell where a property begins and where it ends. When uncertainty is left to chance, disputes among neighbors may arise. If possession is nine-tenths of the law and a neighbor encroaches on your property by a few inches or feet, by the time you notice, you may end up in court with an expensive lawsuit. Installing a fence quickly eradicates that issue and eliminates the possibility of unnecessary confusion. With the lines drawn around your property, you are able to better maximize your space.


A fence around your property is the first step to keeping it and its contents safe. For commercial properties that keep expensive equipment, it may be more important to take these measures if there are no patrols on the premises after business hours. A fence serves as a silent warning that the border should not be crossed without explicitly expressed permission. Those who cross into the premises anyway can be dealt with accordingly. If a property is situated in a particularly high crime area or one that is prone to attract wildlife, it makes sense to keep the area inside secure.


Not only can a fence keep potential intruders off the premises, it can keep those who are supposed to be on the property safe. For a residential property, if you have children, you may not notice every time they run off into the yard to chase the family pet or ice cream truck. If a solid fence is chosen, as opposed to a chain link fence, privacy is increased. Sometimes, privacy is necessary so as to not entice outsiders by what is being kept on the property.

Quality fencing is a valuable investment because it helps mark a property’s lines, keeps it secure and safe.