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2019 Home Trends

You don’t have to embark on a major renovation or delve into an extensive remodeling project to update your décor to current trends. A wise financial move is to put the majority of your updating budget into features such as flooring and countertops that will remain in place over a long period of time. It’s more financially feasible to change decorative accessories than major design features to keep up to date with current trends.


The 2019 flooring trends focus on texture, layout and style. Rustic floors are popular in a variety of decors. When you add custom rustic planks to your home, you can choose just how much distressing you want your flooring to have. Hard surface flooring will continue to gain popularity in 2019. You have increased freedom with flooring patterns in 2019 designs with wide planks flooring becoming one of the most popular trends.

Furniture Trends

One design change you’ll notice in furniture trends involves bedroom furniture. Upholstered beds are an emerging trend. They support the trend toward creating a cozy, haven-like bedroom retreat. Rustic planks pair exceptionally well with visually soothing, plush upholstered beds. Custom furniture and antique furniture are items to include in 2019 home furnishings. Smooth edges and rounded corners are replacing furniture with sharp, straight lines and defined corners.

Decorative Accessories

Natural elements and earthy colors such as sage, burnt orange and blush are going to be popular in 2019. Plants are going to be a key feature in all rooms. Diverse textures are a key element in 2019 trends. In addition to textured flooring and upholstery, textured wall hangings are going to be popular in 2019. The inclusion of terrazzo is high on the trending list for 2019. It’s going to appear on walls, accessories and lots of unique places.

The 2019 décor trends provide a lot of opportunities for you to express your personality through your décor. Include the features that will make your home the comfortable haven you desire. Trends are simply suggestive, final décor choices should complement your unique personality and style.